- Our Team -

Framez is a young and creative family with highly skilled experts with extensive experience in the filming business. We are driven, passionate and fast and we cannot wait to work together.

Pearl Minaj | Co-owner and head of production

Pearl Minaj is co-owner and head of the inhouse production team of Framez. Our company is established in 2016 and Pearl joined Framez two years later. Pearl joined the company because Framez was increasingly getting substantial inquiries for producing music videos. Therefore, Framez was looking for an individual who is able to maintain a clear overview of business activities. She set up the in-house production from scratch, which caused Framez to grow tremendously. As of then, Pearl has built a strong team around her who started as assistants and eventually evolved into carrying out major productions themselves.

Pearl’s organizing skills and working mentality ensures that the producing process goes smoothly and flawless. She likes to be in control, hardly ever forgets anything and those capacities make her a natural leader. In addition, her most valuable characteristic is problem solving in challenging situations and multiple stakeholders. Because Pearl is responsible for, and takes on, these situations, the working atmosphere for the rest of the team remains optimal. The three other co-owners describe Pearl as an all-rounder and the engine of the company. Pearl is also responsible for all client contact. Thus, if you’re looking for a disciplined and driven leader, you better call Pearl.

Merijn Kanis | Co-founder and D.O.P.

Merijn is co-founder of both Framez productions and daughter company Shotz visuals. He has a natural feeling for the camera and has the most experience in this working field. There are several reasons that people like to work with Merijn, he works well-organized, has his own unique style, but most of all he has an outstanding work ethic. Merijn is not the type of guy that will call it a day when the sun is going down. He is more likely the person that will lose track of time and works till the project is done and sun comes up. Another strong characteristic of Merijn is that he has a good capacity for empathy and can therefore deal well with people. no matter how complex the collaboration is. Merijn stays calm and finds a way to make the collaboration work and be fun for both parties. So, are you looking for a cameraman for a big or small project? You better call Merijn he will make it work.

Bruno Rozet | Co-founder and director

Bruno is co-founder and co-owner of both Framez and Shotz visuals, which is the daughter company of Framez. Since he started his career as a camera man, he has worked with a diverse set of camera gear. After 2 years of filming, he decided to switch from camera man to director. Being a director enabled his full potential in terms of creativity. This resulted in collaborations with some of the greatest artists in the Netherlands, such as Ronnie Flex. Additionally, he even did international collaborations with, for example, Kevin Gates. Furthermore, Bruno is really passionate about his work, which you can see in his video that he always edits himself. He is straight-forward and to the point and makes sure everybody knows what to do. When the cameras are rolling, he is the most focused person in the room and there's no time for nonsense. But when the perfect shot is made, he will be the first one to celebrate this with you!

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