- What we do -

We are Framez Productions

Framez Productions is a creative, young and innovative film collective founded in 2016. Framez has produced more than 500 videos. Framez’ core competency is producing music videos. In addition, Framez has also started producing commercials for established companies. We are well-known for connecting companies, brands and people with the younger generation (Generation Z). Delivering a high-quality video by meeting the needs of our client is our number one goal!

HOW IT ALL BEGAN: We started the company back in 2016 as friends, and with the years we became a family. Jonas Beck, Bruno Rozet, Merijn Kanis and Pearl Minaj have learned that teamwork is the key to make collaborations successful. Our corporate identity is urban and modern. However, our staff is very diverse, and we are open for any challenge. So, we are also capable of producing videos beyond our comfort-zone. We don’t follow the trends, we create them.

“Creating videos

without boundaries”

WHAT WE ARE CAPABLE OF: Our work field involves directing, producing, grading, editing, VFX or SFX in relation to the video. You name it, we create it! No matter what the budget or film destination is, we will do everything in our power to make it work. So If you have a specific inquiry or you just want to discuss the possibilities of creating without boundaries with Framez, feel free to contact us at info@framezproductions.com

OUR MISSION: Creating videos without boundaries - anywhere, anytime, any cost - for everyone who needs to tell a story, specialized in connecting with generation Z.

- Awards -

We are pleased that with our work we have achieved more than just meeting our main goal ‘’which is satisfying our customers’’. With a number of projects, we have performed so well that it has resulted in five awards for best music videos. A list of these awards and the associated project can be found below.


  • Famkelouise ft. Caza – Slide | Hashtag award 2018
  • Chivv – Ewa Ewa | Fun X award 2019
  • Bizzey ft. Kraantje Pappie & Jonna Fraser | Edison award 2019
  • Bizzey ft. Kraantje Pappie & Jonna Fraser | publieksprijs Nederlands Film Festival 2019
  • Bizzey X Poke X Yung Felix | Youtube award 2019